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Unlock Infinite Possibilities With

Change is normally hard.
Let's make it easier, faster
and sustainable!

After Over 35 years of research, two university degrees, 30+ certifications in change modalities, and 28 years of working one-to-one as an executive coach and group facilitator with clients from around the world to help them change I finally found - not a magic pill but close to it! - an approach to change that makes it easier, faster, fun, and most importantly: sustainable. 

When you change on all levels of your existence you are transformed!
That is conscious evolution at its best!

I created a new field in the industry of empowering human potential that I call Neuro Creativity™.
In it, I combine state-of-the-art coaching modalities - like somatic probing
™ - with the newest research findings of applied neuroscience - like nervous system regulation - and my passion for Intentional Creativity® and art.
"In a world that is changing faster than ever,
our brains struggle with overwhelm,
and our bodies with burnout.

Evolving ourselves deliberately
is the key to endless possibilities
of leading authentic and fulfilling lives
​with courage, joy, and resilience."

​Sylvia Becker-Hill

What if becoming fully alive
is the true purpose of life?

What if you being happy
is your gift to the world?

What if your unique magic
lets you step into possibility?